Jason Loftis (jLOFT)

Welcome to the website of Jason Loftis,
a brand marketer in San Diego, California.

At work, I am a startup co-founder.a brand steward.a product promoter.a team leader.an information architect.a user experience craftsman.a content strategist.a visual designer.a digital marketer.a web developer.

And I thrive as a brand marketer serving startups, companies, organizations, and agencies.

Please reach out on LinkedIn if you would like to discuss a potential project. Ten years in health and science marketing have honed my skills. Check out my current startup: PetDx.

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At home, I am a husband.a father.a coach.a videographer.a handyman (wannabe).

And I relax with my family in San Diego’s beautiful and friendly North County.

My sons and I produce videos together. My oldest son has a YouTube channel called “Lofty Picks” where we post sports analysis shows. Our most viewed video is an RC Hummer tackling an obstacle course.

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Dawn of the Consumer Internet

Early Experimentation

I built my first websites using FrontPage and NetObjects Fusion. I went through a Flash phase in 1999, creating elaborately animated web experiences that clogged dial-up connections.


Emergence of Web Standards

The School of Zeldman

I grew impatient with software-dependent web creation and learned HTML + CSS. I became a disciple of Jeffrey Zeldman’s zealous pursuit to establish web standards.


Rise of Content Management Systems

User-Friendly Web Publishing

I started using WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, way back at its first release. Before that, I used Movable Type. Since then, I’ve mastered ExpressionEngine and Craft.


Disruption of Traditional Business by the Internet

Slacker Radio

I had the opportunity to work for Slacker. This internet radio company was a pioneer in the online music revolution and one of the first companies to build its business around mobile applications. I designed the user experience and visual assets for its customer onboarding process and the online store. It was tremendously beneficial to me to step through the whole process in collaboration with marketing and development teammates. I also designed banner advertisements and radio station “album covers.” Eventually, I was entrusted with designing and developing a customer service microsite as a solo project.


Revelation of Responsive Web Design

Media Queries for Mobile

CSS3 introduced media queries, and I pounced on the opportunity to experiment with adaptive layouts for different viewport sizes. Over the years, I’ve developed more than 40 responsive websites. Interpreting complex desktop web designs into tablet and mobile experiences that retain feature-rich interactivity is a specialty I relish.


Advent of Front-End Frameworks

A Strong Codebase

Twitter released Bootstrap and Zurb released Foundation, and I was relieved to standardize my workflow around common conventions rather than always implementing advanced features with custom code.


Audacious Work for Science + Health Brands

High-Stakes Agency Life

Audacity persuaded me to leave freelancing and join its team. It was my privilege to partner with extraordinary talent to deliver fantastic digital brand experiences for numerous high-tech health and science brands.


Hung My Own Shingle… Again

Digital Brand Consulting

After 5 years of agency life, I returned to freelance. I offered brand marketing services with the ability to lead and execute Brand Creation, Go-to-Market Plans, Product Launch and Promotion, Information Architecture, User Experience, Content Strategy, Visual Design, Web Development, and Digital and Traditional Marketing Tactics. Greenhaus, Luna DNA, Ambry Genetics, and TriLink Biotechnologies were among my most prominent clients.


Startup Co-Founder


An incredible opportunity to join the founding team of an innovative startup was the thrill of a lifetime. It was my privilege to brand a company and product from scratch and market liquid biopsy technology to the veterinary industry for the first time. The PetDx OncoK9 multi-cancer early detection test for dogs is now a reality and available through veterinarians all over North America.



Experience College Life

Taylor University

I completed my undergraduate degree at a highly-rated private college in Indiana. I studied psychology, history, and social studies and received a degree in secondary education. In addition to a fabulous education, I gained life-long friendships.


Venture to the Philippines

The Evangelical Alliance Mission

I enjoyed two years in the Philippines as part of a Christian missionary team. I taught in a one-room schoolhouse for children ranging from 1st grade to 10 grade. I also led discipleship groups for Filipino college students. Riding my motorcycle through the maze of dangerous traffic was a daily adrenaline rush.


Go West Young Man

Southern California

I moved away from my Chicago roots to Southern California to pursue graduate school in theology. I found a church pastoral position ministering to college students and young adults. Over time, I expanded my role to involve creative arts, communications, and web design.


Discover a Life Partner

Dara Loftis

After a year of friendship and another year of courtship, I married Dara, my California girl. She is a source of inspiration and strength. With her encouragement, I started to pursue my passion for visual design and web development with greater seriousness and urgency.


Blend Theology + Art

Brehm Center

Dara identified an opportunity for me to complete my theology studies at an institute at Fuller Seminary endowed for artists. I joined a cohort that included painters, actors, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and digital designers like me. I used my time there to build my portfolio and expand my skills.


Become a Slacker

Slacker Radio

As I wrapped up my time at the Brehm Center, I received a call from the HR manager at Slacker, an internet radio company. They found my portfolio online and mistakenly thought I was a student at the prestigious ArtCenter in Pasadena. Despite the confusion, Slacker offered me a job as a designer.


Put Down Roots

The LoftHouse

We decided to settle in North County San Diego and buy a house. It is a fixer-upper that is always in need of a repair, but we love it.


Add to the Family

Adoption #1

One of the core passions Dara and I share is adoption. We pursued a long process of fost-adopting our son, Jay, out of the California foster-care system. It is an absolute privilege that we get to be his parents and be part of his remarkable story. Along the way, we adopted a cat and a dog to add to the joy.


Add to the Family… Again

Adoption #2

We returned to the California foster-care system and were blessed with our son Franky. He is the piece we didn’t know we were missing. Charming, cerebral, and comedic much like his older brother; they make quite the pair.